Video of MDX tier 2 presentation about US 1 Express Lanes project on South Dade Busway

Here is a video of MDX’s tier 2 presentation about the US 1 Express Lanes project on South Dade Busway held on August 14, 2013 at the Coral Reef library.   The presenter, Mr. Alan Brick-Turin speaks about the history of the project, MDX’s role and the proposed goals of the project if ultimately approved by the MPO (Metropolitan Planing Organization) and the Miami-Dade commission.

MDX keeps stressing that this is a “proposed” project and that there are no present plans to actually proceed with the project. It is the PD&E phase (Project Development and Environmental study). The cost of this “study” is $6.5 million dollars and still has close to two years left before it’s final results are presented to the public, MPO and the Miami-Dade commission.

The term Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is used extensively by MDX in association with this “proposed” project. True BRT would have easy, safe, dedicated and plentiful access so that passengers could get on and off the buses. From what we have seen this is sorely lacking, even non-existent in the design. Leading us to call this initiative “Candy Coated Transit”.

Here is a rendering of one of the “proposed” overpasses on the US 1 Express Lanes project that would be built at the over 20 major cross street intersections.

US 1 Express Toll Lane Cross Street Overpass

Rendering of proposed overpass of major cross streets along the US 1 Express Toll Lane project.

This project would be funded with tolls in a similar fashion to how the I-95 Express Lane presently collects tolls. Rates would adjust up or down depending on the demand. Note the presenter states that congestion pricing for a one way toll could be as high at $10.00!! At that rate some might not call it a Lexus Lane, but rather a Lamborghini Lane.

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For more information you can view the MDX 2013 Alternatives Workshop Presentation material here.

Pinecrest to host public meeting about MDX Express Toll Lanes along US1 Busway

The Village of Pinecrest will be hosting public Town Hall meeting to discuss MDX’s plans to turn the South Dade Busway into express toll lanes, aka Lexus Lanes.

Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to attend this public meeting on Nov. 14 at 7 pm at Pinecrest Gardens.

Pinecrest to hold Public Town Hall Meeting about MDX Express Toll Lanes along US1

Blog from Homestead

Looks like some folks down in Homestead are not crazy about another toll road.

Copied from Homestead Is Home blog.  Read full story.  Click here.

Dear Mayors Bateman and Wallace of Homestead and Florida City, respectively:

We need you to stand with the Mayor of Pinecrest and the residents of the Falls area to stop this project.  Another Toll Road is the last thing we need to burden our citizens.  We already have the very expensive Turnpike, which already needs expansion.  What we really need is a Metrorail expansion project down to Florida City with stops at every city, town and major residential and/or commercial center.  This will afford all citizens, rich and poor, and efficient and sustainable way to get to downtown for the long term versus the short term solution that is a Toll Road.  A Toll Road will become obsolete in a short time with our growing population.  It will become a proverbial parking lot, and a very expensive one, because it will have to be expanded over and over to accommodate more vehicles. We need people with vision down at MDX because they appear to have blinders on.  As our South Dade Mayors, we need you to stand up for the citizens of Homestead and Florida City.  There’s no time to waste because the “planning” stage is the best time to make changes to this ill conceived project!