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Looks like some folks down in Homestead are not crazy about another toll road.

Copied from Homestead Is Home blog.  Read full story.  Click here.

Dear Mayors Bateman and Wallace of Homestead and Florida City, respectively:

We need you to stand with the Mayor of Pinecrest and the residents of the Falls area to stop this project.  Another Toll Road is the last thing we need to burden our citizens.  We already have the very expensive Turnpike, which already needs expansion.  What we really need is a Metrorail expansion project down to Florida City with stops at every city, town and major residential and/or commercial center.  This will afford all citizens, rich and poor, and efficient and sustainable way to get to downtown for the long term versus the short term solution that is a Toll Road.  A Toll Road will become obsolete in a short time with our growing population.  It will become a proverbial parking lot, and a very expensive one, because it will have to be expanded over and over to accommodate more vehicles. We need people with vision down at MDX because they appear to have blinders on.  As our South Dade Mayors, we need you to stand up for the citizens of Homestead and Florida City.  There’s no time to waste because the “planning” stage is the best time to make changes to this ill conceived project!

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  1. To not be extending MetroRail is to not offer any options other than driving. Why do they think adding more lanes will make commuting faster. Won’t this new traffic be squeezing onto the same over crowded routes farther north. This makes no sense at all. It occurs to me tht the plan , the PLANS, that seem to be popping up all over Dade County will create a monopoly to the point that we will be forced to pay the MDX royal court and have no other options but to do so. NO to Lexus Lanes!

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