Opposition Growing To South Dade Expressway – Miami Herald

Here come the MDX army ants again.  But this time they want to build a toll highway from Dadeland all the way south to Homestead using the busway corridor as their track.


2 thoughts on “Opposition Growing To South Dade Expressway – Miami Herald

  1. Rather than fighting what may be an uphill and most probably a loosing battle with Miami Dade County, MDX, FDOT and other agencies, I think community leaders, civic associations, business owners, local elected officials, as well as South Florida residents should offer better alternatives, rather than just opposing the planned use of the busway. There is no question that Miami Dade County desperately needs to address critical transportation needs to reduce congestion on our roads. I would suggest that MDX and others begin looking at “monorail systems” similar to those that Disney World, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Sao Pablo, and others have built. Disney shuttles over 150,000 passengers daily on its system and has been doing so for quite some time. Let’s not just be naysayers, but rather look to the future and think about what would be best for all of South Florida. We should be thinking outside the box and abandon “politics and business as usual” in Miami Dade County.

    • Yes, Reydel, many have made the suggestions of putting some type of transit, non-car, alternative on that US ! corridor. Heavy rail like Metro Rail has been talked about and suggested extensively. Also, light rail has been offered too. But then the naysayers quickly shout out “scary numbers” $200 Million a mile for Metro Rail. People like Maurice Ferre sound like a broken record on this point. The point is that, yes we know if will cost a lot of money. We have to stop looking at band aid fixes and pony up for the surgery that will be viable in 30-50 years.

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