One thought on “Public meetings about South Dade Busway scheduled in Cutler Bay and Homestead

  1. I attended the “Busway” Public Meeting in Homestead last month. One of the engineers contracted for the “study” said his group designed the Skyway Bridge on the Gulf side – I imagine that group can easily handle engineering a Tollicoaster! They presented several choices for “color” and artisitc “patterns” for the support structures. I suggested, that if the Public can’t stop MDX from building this Behemoth, to choose the cheapest & strongest, as MDX is already $2.5 BILLION Dollars in debt … and if I want to see “art”, I’ll go to a gallery. I asked the presiding MDX speaker how much the Busway “study” cost. He replied, “$6.5 MILLION Dollars” (same as the $6.5 MILLION Dollar “study” to extend 836 west to provide infrastructure for new sprawling developments on west Kendall, near Krome). When I asked a few more pointed questions, the host speaker referred to me as “Columbo” – I guess they’re not used to people making probing inquiries during their Public Meetings.

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